Fitzgerald VLD10 Casting Reel


If you’re looking for a low profile, lightweight, powerhouse reel, the Fitzgerald VLD10 Casting Reel is a perfect choice. Built around an all metal frame for improved strength and durability, the Fitzgerald VLD10 Casting Reel dishes out 20 Lb of fish stopping drag power and features a six-way centrifugal braking system that helps you cast a country mile. A 10+1 ball bearing system also delivers buttery smooth reeling and casting performance, while a heavy duty handle provides extra leverage so you can crank fish out of the thickest mats. Finished with a deep aluminum spool for extra line capacity, the Fitzgerald VLD10 Casting Reel is available in a wide range of gear ratios to suit any application or technique anglers want to utilize.

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VLD10-651-R Right 6.5:1 10+1 7.0 $179.99
VLD10-651-L Left 6.5:1 10+1 7.0 $179.99
VLD10-721-R Right 7.2:1 10+1 7.0 $179.99
VLD10-721-L Left 7.2:1 10+1 7.0 $179.99
VLD10-811-R Right 8.1:1 10+1 7.0 $179.99
VLD10-811-L Left 8.1:1 10+1 7.0 $179.99

                           LINE CAPACITY:  10LB/150YDS   12LB/130YDS   14LB/110YDS

The VLD10 by Fitzgerald Fishing is a low profile light weight power house!

  • Salt Armor Coating
  • 20 lb Carbon Fiber Drag
  • All Metal Frame
  • 6-Way Centrifugal Braking System
  • EVA Knobs
  • Deep Aluminum Spool
  • Heavy Duty Handle
  • 10+1 Ball Bearings

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VLD10 Reel Options

VLD10-651-R (Right), VLD10-651-L (Left), VLD10-721-R (Right), VLD10-721-L (Left), VLD10-811-R (Right), VLD10-811-L (Left)