Live action hot trolling on Causeway

These pics are being posted live from iPhone as we are out here right now wednesday feb. 29. Blistering big trout look for new videos soon on dockside live. Trolling 3/4 oz rattle traps with a matrix shad trailer threaded with a small treble is the ticket.


Causeway Starting to Crank Up.

Capt. Jonathan and crew killed the big trout on the causeway this week trolling rattle traps and jigging MATRIX Shads in the Shrimp Creole Color.  As far as the trestle goes it’s a little slower but the size of the trout is great up to 24″.  Come see us at the Biloxi boat show this…


Lake Pontchartrain Bridges are Starting Early

With the abnormal warm temperatures for this winter the typical spring patterns for the lake have started early this year.  The size of the trout has been really nice up to 24″ so far.  Also the Big Blue Catfish seem to be everywhere.  We have been boating atleast one freshwater cat every trip.  Typical trip…


Specks and reds scattered, BASS piled up!

With the recent record warm temps for the end of January its like the fish have been confused as trout and red fishing  has been inconstant.  Water temps for the end of January have spiked into the high 60’s.  I personally have never seen water temps reach that high during the peak of the winter. …